Health Benefits of Activated Charcoal Colon Cleansing

Activated Charcoal Colon Cleansing

Many Australians suffer from daily constipation, colon stagnation, toxic putrefaction, digestive system fermentation, and autointoxication, an unhealthy state of the body created by toxic substances that are poisonous and produced within the body. When your digestive system stops functioning correctly, that is the time autointoxication develops. Activated Charcoal has many health benefits herbal. Our charcoal colon cleanse will help expel toxins by stimulating the peristaltic muscles and absorbing toxins and gas

How Does Autointoxication Happen?

The food you ingest passes through your digestive tract and begins to break down but never gets fully eliminated. Proteins from the food start to decay and then go rotten, the carbohydrates in food go into fermentation, and finally, the oil and fats in the food turn rancid, resulting in poisons from your body waste being recycled over and over again.

What Is Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is tasteless and safe to consume. In today’s modern society, one would think that this porous black solid, consisting of an amorphous form of carbon, was something you would never think of putting in your body. Well, you would be wrong. Activated Charcoal used in colon cleansing is made from insoluble carbonized wood that has been oxidized by steam or air at high temperatures. Hospitals have been using Charcoal to stop poisons from being absorbed into the bloodstream for years. This process creates Charcoal that can adsorb practically 100 times its weight in internal toxins, bacteria, toxic chemicals, and the residue of medications and help keep the bowel healthy.

Activated Charcoal Colon Cleansing A Wise Choice

activated charcoal

Detoxify Your Digestive System With Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal moves unhealthy bacteria through your system quickly stopping their spread. Elimination of bacteria helps you feel better faster. Activated Charcoal stimulates the peristaltic muscles and does a great job of absorbing bacteria, toxins, and gas. This process is called ‘Absorption’, which means something passes into another. This involves the toxin held within the colon clinging to the activated Charcoal. The body does not digest Charcoal, so the toxins and build-up mucus from a rancid colon are expelled thoroughly with the Charcoal.

The other great thing about activated Charcoal is it flushes out stored toxic heavy metals, for example, arsenic, copper, mercury, and lead. The herbal mixture, together with the Charcoal in this colon cleanse, passes through the stomach with no real effect. As more liquid is removed, it forms a ball, which acts like a scouring pad. When this ball comes into contact with mucous, bacteria, and toxins, it sticks, resulting in one powerful colon cleanse.

Charcoal Herbal Colon Cleanse Side Effects?

There are no known adverse side effects to the use of activated Charcoal; Activated Charcoal can cause stools to appear black. For those predisposed to constipation, taking activated Charcoal can have a binding effect with a lack of sufficient fluids; drinking plenty of water is vital. For others, Charcoal may work as a laxative. Activated Charcoal may interfere with drug medication. If in doubt, it is always best to check with your health practitioner or herbalist.

We blend and offer activated charcoal colon cleansers: Original Charcoal Blend Colon Cleanse.

Please Note

We are selling loose herbs; we are not selling herbs as pre-packaged therapeutic products. All products are made up individually and only blended and encapsulated once you order. We make no therapeutic claims about the blends we sell. Always drink plenty of water and add extra fiber to your diet. If symptoms persist, seek medical advice. Self-diagnosis is unadvised.

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