Discover Your Authentic Self – Precision Therapy Free MP3



Discover Your Authentic Self – Precision Therapy Free MP3


The roles we play, the masks we wear

The parts or roles you play within your life combine your skills, learned behaviours and wisdom. You started learning these roles early in life from your parents, teachers and carers, who had your very best interests at heart. Because this is how they were trained and conditioned, and they know no better way. Be true to yourself. When you are not being true to yourself, you will see because you feel incomplete. Something is missing within you. Often it is easier to fill the roles others expect of you rather than thinking about what you want in life.

When you deny your authentic self to surface and develop, you lose vital life energy. This life energy is needed to discover the real you. Finding the real you is a journey of self-discovery; it’s like a treasure hunt with you as the hidden treasure. And believe me, you are a unique treasure worth finding.

Start the journey with self-hypnosis.

When you change your thoughts, you change your feelings; when you change your feelings, you change your nature. When you change your heart, you change your destiny. You can do this easily with this self-hypnosis therapy MP3.

When you find yourself, you lose all your false perceptions; you awaken to your natural creative powers and unlimited positive potential. Remember, knowing something and doing nothing is the pointless game your conscious ego mind likes to play. Having faith is the excuse of the followers who are too negatively conditioned to find out for themselves. You do not need to be a follower; you can shine within your authentic self, the real you. Emotional Healing is the key to success.

Find the answers to your problems.

There is only one person who has barred your path to your authentic self and deeper understanding, and you can cease to be that person. You can instruct your conditioned ego mind to get out of your way. My hypnosis mp3 downloads will help you to step onto the right path and begin your journey. It is a process because life is a process. Start now with a Precision Self Hypnosis MP3, and you will soon shed the veils of social conditioning and take flight from your cocoon.

My work is free to download; donate as you wish.

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