Forgiving Infidelity Precision Therapy Healing – Free MP3



Forgiving Infidelity Precision Therapy Healing – Free MP3


Betrayal comes in many forms.

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Betrayal comes in many forms and guises. If you have experienced infidelity or relationship betrayal, you will know the pain of emotional hurt is devastating. It may not surprise you to know that act of betrayal is a common problem in human relationships. Unless you can forgive your partner, the experience of the feeling may stay with you for years. The good news is that many couples recover from infidelity and create a much stronger loving relationship.

Shutting down through emotional pain blocks your inner resources. If you avoid your feelings, you will never be able to develop your inner capabilities to face the challenges that come up in life and nurture yourself when needed. My self-hypnosis mp3 audio Overcome Infidelity and Betrayal will help you start the journey of emotional healing. You can entirely step into a new reality; you can create it for yourself, which will help.

Can you forgive your partner?

Forgiveness is considered the highest form of unconditional love and can be one of the most challenging choices you have to make. Whether you genuinely want to stay with your partner or not, forgiveness is essential to your personal healing. This Healing from Infidelity self-hypnosis MP3 download will help you through the process of emotional healing beyond infidelity.

Looking for the answers?

Searching for answers outside yourself will not heal your emotional pain or mend your relationship. You have to start the healing process yourself. This starts with your personal decision of choosing to forgive. You then take action to heal yourself, and this self-hypnosis mp3 downloads. The secret of success is to find your inner strength and consciously choose to avoid being a victim. Remember, forgiving is voluntary when you see the situation from a different perspective. When you truly forgive it changes the way that you feel. You stop hurting from anger and fear. With the help of self-hypnosis to balance your emotions, you can see the situation through the eyes of compassion, understanding and unconditional love.

Acknowledging your feelings after infidelity/affair

Once you can acknowledge your feelings and experiences, you will find that you can relax. When you are in a relaxed state of mind, you will be open to being in the present moment instead of living with your thoughts in the past or in the future. When you feel ready to acknowledge your feelings and stop pushing the feelings back with anger and denial, you will find that your life is not as scary as you first thought. Keep repeating to yourself, “Every day in every way, I get better and better”

Finding the courage using self-hypnosis

You can find inner courage and step into your own power when faced with an abyss or black hole. You have two choices stay where you are or jump! To start this process of letting go of the past, you must jump into the unknown. The unknown makes it seem unsettling. My therapy audio will support you through this period.

Emotional healing with self-hypnosis

This self-hypnosis audio is a self-healing tool that you can download onto your computer or iTunes instantly. Start the journey of inner emotional healing immediately. This Self-hypnosis mp3 download is designed specifically to help you to discover your own innate power and to help you function from a much more balanced mental and emotional space. Once you shift into a better level of emotional stability, your thoughts and feelings will be in a better-balanced energy.

Release painful emotional hurt – Hope and Renewal.

Painful emotions are safely released and replaced by feeling more in control and stronger. Because every day in every way, you are getting better and better!

Whatever the situation you may find yourself in, whether you are choosing to save your relationship, self-hypnosis mp3 downloads will help you through emotional healing. enabling you to see more clearly and make choices based on balanced emotions.

By overcoming Infidelity and moving on from the pain of betrayal, you can heal the hurt and feelings of jealousy. This Forgiving Infidelity Precision Therapy Self Hypnosis mp3 will help you move past the pain and step into a new healthier reality where you can start to build a fresh new relationship if you so wish.

Please Note

The wake-up signal has been left out of this recording to aid peaceful sleep. You will also benefit from listening to self-hypnosis mp3 downloads during the day, on a conscious level, when your attention is not needed elsewhere.


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