Healing Power Of Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis is a powerful healing tool you can use daily to heal yourself. When you raise yourself to a higher vantage point, you will see the truth, forgiveness, and self-love far more clearly with the help of this emotional healing therapy audio.

Finding the pearl within

There is always a pearl hidden in the depths of emotional hurt. Once your emotions are more balanced, you can find the pearl within. This self-hypnosis audio will help you to find that pearl.

Emotional Healing Self-hypnosis MP3 Downloads

Healing Emotional Hurt is designed explicitly for emotional healing. It will help you to balance your thoughts and feelings. Whatever has happened to you in the past, wherever you find yourself right now you can move on and change how you feel. This precision therapy self-hypnosis recording will guide you to a much better state of mind. My Work is Free to Download. Please Donate what you will.

Please Note

The wake-up signal has been left out of this recording to aid peaceful sleep. You will also benefit from listening to.