Healing Emotional Dependency – Free Self Hypnosis MP3



Healing Emotional Dependency – Free Self Hypnosis MP3


When someone is emotionally dependent, their self-esteem and inner security depend upon another person’s love, attention, and approval, especially a partner. This self-hypnosis mp3, Healing Emotional Dependency, helps you understand why you feel the way you do and make it easier to discover the hidden inner strength that will enable you to feel empowered and confident in situations that in the past you felt overwhelmed and challenged.

Do You Feel You Have To Prove Yourself?

When you feel you have to prove yourself to others, it can be very draining on your energy, which can be totally unconscious. This can result in constantly feeling tired and never really knowing why. When your subconscious mind works away, maintaining an emotional complex, it uses around 40% of the body’s natural energy. Important decisions need to be considered if you want to take steps to heal yourself from emotional dependency.

Finding Your Inner Strength With Self Hypnosis
The first step is to take 100% responsibility for how you feel.

Define your own worth, not by what others think of you but by how you think about yourself in relation to others. This may take a little time, but you can do it.

Using this Self Hypnosis mp3 Healing Emotional Dependency is one step towards creating the strength to start making positive decisions for yourself.
When you take responsibility for your feelings, something magical happens. You stay consciously aware of how you are feeling at any moment. These results are powerful because you realize that you have a hand in how you think and feel. Not only that, but what you tell yourself and how you treat yourself. It means that you discover how you abandon yourself by judging yourself. When you are not consciously aware, you are ignoring your feelings, which may result in codependency, addictions and feeling others should be responsible for you.

Are you blaming everything outside of you for the way you feel?

When you learn to be more consciously aware of your own behaviour and stop self-sabotaging, profound things happen. Healing emotional dependency with this self-hypnosis audio starts the joyous process of change. This hypnosis mp3 download is a powerful tool that will help you make the changes you need to make quickly and effortlessly.

Defining your own worth with self-hypnosis MP3 Downloads

Taking personal responsibility for defining your own self-esteem and self-worth is an inner process that you can then extend outwards to others in the way that you behave rather than by others’ approval, the way you look or how you perform. Rather than rushing around trying to get love, you start by loving yourself. Because when you love yourself, others can love you. When you can live easily with yourself, others can live easily with you. Your self-worth has nothing to do with:

How you look in your clothes
How good you are in bed
The car you drive
The house you live in
How much money do you earn

Start now to define your self-worth by your ability to love yourself and also learn to self-soothe when you get upset rather than run to another to make you feel better. My self-hypnosis mp3 downloads are designed to teach people how to understand love and how to love as an individual spirit, not a carbon copy of someone else. To truly love another, learn to love yourself. Take emotional responsibility for all your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. This is what my healing self-hypnosis mp3s are all about.

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