Magnesium Oil Spray 100 ml



Magnesium Oil Spray 100 ml


Pure Magnesium Oil 100 ml


Magnesium is an essential mineral your body needs. Magnesium Spray helps relieve tight and sore muscles and aids in restful sleep. This natural formulation can be used on any body part and is safe for sensitive skin. It consists of pure Magnesium Chloride flakes harvested from the Tibetan plateau and pure distilled spring water. This combination aids skin health and gives your body a boost of Magnesium at the same time. Absorbs quickly and does not leave a sticky residue on your skin. Try a couple of sprays on your chest before bed to help aid in restful sleep.

Magnesium Oil is the traditional name given to topical Magnesium Spray due to the unique texture it leaves on the skin when applied. It is not an oil. 

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and eczema-prone (sample test before using ample sprays)

Australian-made and owned by us. Made up when ordered from pure magnesium flakes and pure distilled spring water.

Benefits of Magnesium Oil Spray 

· Balanced formulation will safely increase Magnesium levels through the skin

· Contains over 50mg/ml of elemental Magnesium

· Soothes and relaxes tires and tight muscle tension and helps joint soreness

· Essential mineral for overall well-being and performance

· Helps encourage restful sleep

· Helps improve the overall appearance and health of the skin

Magnesium Oil Helps with:

Helps with anxiety, restless legs, cramps, painful muscles and joints, sciatica nerve, headaches, migraines and much more.

Our Magnesium Oil Spray is pure, natural and 100% Vegan Friendly. We use the highest quality magnesium chloride flakes that are dried naturally, harvested from the Tibetan plateau, and dissolved into distilled spring water; it is 100% chemical-free, food-grade, with No fillers or additives, No flow agents, No added colours, No added fragrance, Non-GMO, Fumigation free, and not tested on animals. Allergen Free.  If you rather not swallow tablets that have to go through your digestive system, then Magnesium Oil in a spray form is the solution. 

How to use Magnesium Oil Spray

Apply two to three sprays to the affected area and gently rub in. It may be left on the skin for maximum absorption or washed off after 20 minutes.

You may feel a slight tingle when applying this product. The sensation will ease. Start with a small amount to test skin reaction. Discontinue use if rash or irritation occurs.

Do not apply to broken skin. 

Avoid contact with eyes or cuts and open wounds for external use only. 

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Size: 100ml 


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