Narcissism Behind Closed Doors – The Story of Bluebeard Free MP3



Narcissism Behind Closed Doors – The Story of Bluebeard Free MP3


Bluebeard Story – A Tale of Power And Control

No matter what you are experiencing, whether it is a controlling partner, spouse, lover, a suppressive home or work life, or simply an inner need to find your true self. You will find the message behind my analysis of a narcissistic relationship crystal clear.

Bluebeard is set in a once upon a-time long, long ago, just the other day. It’s a kind of therapy audio. At the very least, it is highly enlightening and today’s story! Listen to the messages behind the story. Throughout the mp3 story is a beautiful descriptive analysis.

The Bluebeard Story – Played Out In The Lives Of People Today

Lisa, a beautiful young woman, finds herself falling for an illusion. She is seduced into a false sense of security by a rich manipulative, arrogant and controlling man, who, in ignorance, she chooses to marry.

Lisa soon discovers all that glitters is not gold! Bluebeard leaves his newlywed wife to go on a business trip; as he hands her the keys to his magnificent castle, he insists that she must do and go anywhere she pleases, saying, “You are the mistress of all my lands and estates,” but she is not aware that she has married into having much less rather than much more!

Before Bluebeard departs, he turns to Lisa with a warning, “Do not open the door at the end of the hall in the lower part of the house”. Lisa’s sister Gemma is a woman of high curiosity, and her conscious awareness is more developed. Gemma persuades Lisa to open the door; unfortunately, what they find there is most unexpected. Bluebeard returns home unexpectedly to discover his wife has disobeyed him, which has dire consequences.

The Bluebeard Story – Synopsis

This Bluebeard story tells of a relationship between two people that is played out in the lives of many couples today; it is about the darkness, which is a natural part of all human psyches’. A young woman falls for a man who hides behind a mask of deep insecurity. His unfailing false charm entices her into marriage. This Bluebeard Story is of Narcissism that has gone out of control.

Behind the pleasant mask that Bluebeard wears so well is a man who is vain, self-absorbed, egotistical, selfish and controlling. His deep-rooted conceitedness holds anger and resentment. As time goes by, Bluebeard’s dysfunctional personality begins to emerge. The controller is out of control.

Is Bluebeard The Hurt Child – Angry Grown-Up

Physical, mental, emotional or psychological mistreatment of another person can originate from past emotional pain and parental conditioning experienced during childhood. Due to this mistreatment, behaviours, actions, feelings, and attitudes manifest later in life.

Emotional Healing For Narcissism

This MP3 story is my personal interpretation and analysis of the Bluebeard Story, based on the fabled story by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I dedicate my Bluebeard to her memory. Clarissa wrote “Women Who Run With The Wolves” from which Bluebeard is one of many wonderful metaphor stories for women. Remember, the best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up!

Interested in reading more? Heide Kolb, a well-known Jungian Analyst, created this beautiful blog.

From Heidi’s article Bluebeard ~ A Killer to reckon with: How to Survive the Soul’s Predator

Just like a dream, a fairytale is not to be taken literally. It depicts the dance and the dynamics between the two grand archetypal forces, the masculine and the feminine, as they manifest in the collective and individual psyche. Both dreams and fairy tales can be a kind of roadmap to discern an attitude that will allow, in fairy tale terms, for the princess to get her prince and, in Jungian language, for the union of opposites and the sacred marriage of the masculine and the feminine within one’s soul.

Bluebeard is well and alive in the outer manifest world. In his densest form, a person, usually but not always a male, becomes identified with Bluebeard’s energy and is then encountered in the serial killer, the rapist, and the human trafficker. Even more prevalent is the sadistic, wife-beating husband.

Bluebeard also manifests through the emotionally abusive man. Violence can be inflicted on a woman and her perpetrator’s soul, which draws blood not from the physical but from the subtle body. This injury can be even more devastating than its physical counterpart. Sadly, it is ignored or played down by society.


As a society, we have labels for people who display emotionally dysfunctional behaviours. These labels have become stale and commonplace through overuse and generalization. Anyone who displays characteristics of emotional instability leaves themselves open and venerable to being labelled narcissistic. Whether this is always the case is often questionable. Listen to the story, and you will understand.

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