Narcissism The Unknown Self – Free MP3



Narcissism The Unknown Self – Free MP3


Understanding The Narcissist

Much information is now available about the negative side of narcissism. I have found very little information about the positive traits of narcissism. Freud believed that we are all born with narcissistic traits and that they are an essential part of us. Healthy narcissism assists us in many ways; without it, we can not balance our needs in relation to the people around us. Negative Narcissistic behaviour is usually a learned behaviour passed down from generation to generation. Is it time to wake up from the illusion that everything is normal in your relationship?

When discussing understanding NPD Disorders, Sigmund Freud wrote, “Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways”

This self-hypnosis MP3 audio is not confronting. It is designed to help you understand Narcissism and break free from the behaviours that are acted out unconsciously. Both partners will benefit from listening to this MP3.

Causes of Narcissism – Childhood Programming

Childhood Negative Programming can create two fears that surface later in life, a fear of loving and being loved. Some children survive by learning the rules and are programmed from a young age to play a role. But the natural person, under that mask, gets lost in the role they play so well. When people become aware of their childhood conditioning, they no longer have to be trapped in it. You can free yourself of all old, outdated self-limiting behaviours and actions starting right now. When your mind is free from self-limiting conditioning, you can take off the mask and start to live the life waiting for you to create for yourself.

Narcissism Disorder NPD

Perhaps you have found yourself in a place where your behaviours, attitude and actions are hurting the very people that you love to maintain your own feelings of control. If this is true, you are walking straight into a situation you desire. Everything you think you control will be lost. Ask yourself this question. If my narcissistic behaviours have a purpose, which is to teach me something, what is it that I need to understand about myself? What needs to be made conscious? This hypnotherapy-free mp3 download, “The Unknown Self”, has the answers you are looking for. With fresh insight and new self-understanding, you will see more clearly, from a higher vantage point.

Best Treatment for Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Self Hypnosis Audio Unknown Self for the treatment of narcissistic personality disorder.

This therapy audio for narcissism can be downloaded onto your computer, iPad or iPhone. It is a unique self-hypnosis mp3 download, a real healing tool, which will help you and your family understand how, where, and why people labelled with narcissism personality disorder develop the feelings and attitudes that hurt others.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder in Relationships

Healing Narcissism and Breaking the Mirror

If narcissism is a problem in your relationships and you are looking for a better understanding, together with a treatment that will help, then this Self Hypnosis Mp3 Download is the one treatment that will. Firstly, by explaining the causes of narcissistic behaviour and secondly, by guiding you to let go of the deep-rooted suppressed emotions that have held you back for so long.

This self-hypnosis audio is not confronting it will benefit both partners when listened to regularly. My Work is free to download; please donate what you will.


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