Ropeworm Biofilm Purge Parasite Cleanse



Ropeworm Biofilm Purge Parasite Cleanse

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What is Ropeworm?

Rope worms are amazingly long, slimy and covered with biofilm.  They look like pale twisted rope, hence the name Ropeworm. Most parasites survive by feeding in the gastrointestinal tract, latching onto the stomach, small intestine and colon lining, and feeding off nutrients. It is thought that Rope worms are anaerobic, which means they do not require molecular oxygen for growth. They die when they hit the air.

According to some scientists, they are parasitic worms. Still, others believe they are nothing more than a buildup of intestinal mucus and other debris. The theory and belief in the existence of rope worms are a relatively recent development. In 2013, Dr Alex Volinsky and his colleagues released a research paper claiming that the rope worm (funis vermes) is a parasite that lives inside the human body all its life. According to Volinsky, there are five stages of the rope worm life cycle. The rope worm releases toxins that may have adverse cognitive effects. Hosting these rope worms does not always produce obvious symptoms. You may be infected for years without being aware of it.

People have been passing the rope worms in their stool all over the world, known or unknown. People have been passing the rope worms in their stool all over the world, known or unknown. Scientifically identifying them is debatable. Little evidence supports the theory that these “worms” are a newly discovered type of human parasite. The more likely explanation for the expulsion of these rope-like strands is the shedding of intestinal mucus.

Symptoms of Ropeworm

Whatever it is that is passed, it’s a slimy, sticky substance with a distinct odour, twists like a corkscrew, and may obstruct the intestine. It may cause abdominal pain, bloating, gases, indigestion, and constipation. Conclusion: The patients were treated several times in the area clinic with anthelminthic drugs with no improvement of symptoms. The patients could not pass the stool without water or rectal milk enemas. Having passed a rope worm almost 1 metre long, as the ebook image shows. I am personally not convinced it’s intestinal debris.

Do you have unresolved digestive problems since 2015

Do your stool test results keep coming negative; blood testing gave no answers. Are you feeling anxious, bad taste in your mouth, have reflux, are hot and cold, and are later diagnosed with a leaky gut. You may have food cravings, unintentional weight loss, impaired digestion, constipation, irritable Bowel Syndrome, IBS and many more.  These are just a few of the symptoms I recorded and others who passed a rope worm. Often, people are unaware they have rope worms as there is no diagnostic tool to find them. Also, there can be no symptoms as they have no symptoms. See eBook for more details. I make no claims about Rope Worms, but many people have cleared their digestive systems using this cleanse.

Comes with full instructions. This ropeworm biofilm detox takes 14 days to complete. We offer a two-week kit extension if needed.


    • Cascara Bark Capsules
    • Mimosa Pudica Capsules

Blend Certified Organic Herbs

      • Slippery Elm
      • Apple Pectin Powder
      • Fennel Powder
      • Fenugreek Powder
      • Activated Charcoal
      • Bentonite Clay Food Grade

9 things you can do to have a great colon cleanse purge experience.

      • Drink plenty of water 6-8 (minimum glasses) daily
      • 5 Cut out caffeine, sugar and fatty carbs
      • Cut out wheat and dairy products
      • Do not get constipated (very important)
      • Eat plenty of organic fresh fruit and vegetables
      • Use coconut oil for cooking
      • Stop red meat, have fish and lean chicken
      • Add herbal teas to your daily intake of fluids
      • Walk at least 10 mins and walk back


Full bath to soak in and add the following

      • 2 Cups Natural Borax Pure
      • 2 Cups Bentonite Clay
      • 2 Cups Bicaronate Soda
      • 2 Cups Espom Salts


Please Note

If you take prescribed medication, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any herbs. Self-diagnosis can be harmful. If in doubt, please contact us for a chat, as self-diagnosis of symptoms you may be experiencing and self-treatments can be expensive or harmful. We do not charge for information and help; it’s free.

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Ropeworm Biofilm Purge Parasite Cleanse And Extension Kits

Ropeworm Parasite Cleanser, Extention Kits


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