Understanding Love – Free Self Hypnosis Therapy MP3



Understanding Love – Free Self Hypnosis Therapy MP3


What Are Ego Love Relationships?

Ego-love relationships are built on fear and needs, and having this fear needs to be met by another person, the magical other. You may think you are falling in love, but you are falling into a pit based on the foundations of need. Ego-love relationships are more about lack of awareness, unconscious control and manipulation. To create a soul-based loving relationship with another, you first have to understand the different roles that you are unwittingly acting out (see Understanding E-book)

There are four seasons to a love relationship. Take a journey of self-discovery and let go of your emotional baggage with Understanding Love self-hypnosis mp3.

Four seasons of a relationship
A journey of self-insight, insight and emotional healing


Are You Loving Consciously

Human beings are growing in self-understanding, and spiritual growth is profound; we are evolving in so many different areas of self-understanding and at a rate that we can hardly keep up with. Never before have we asked each other to engage and experience an intimate relationship with so much intensity, conscious awareness, honesty, and communication.

Never in the history of the Western world have we been challenged to look so deeply at ourselves and acknowledge that the causal factors of most issues within relationships surface from our own emotional baggage we unwittingly carry around for years? Dragging the same old stuff from one relationship to another.

What makes a great relationship – The Ingredients

Great relationships are like a delicious cake – individual ingredients are very important. We are all unique, and so are our needs. To create a loving and lasting relationship, there are certain essential ingredients that you both need to agree on before you start on the path of blissful happiness! We all have different deep love strategies. Your deep love strategies are how you know someone else loves you.

Happy Balanced Relationships

Happy, balanced relationships are a mixture of many qualities. One of them is trust. If you are starting a new relationship or are in a relationship where trust is a problem, ask yourself if this feeling is your issue?. You may find that the insecurity your partner feels stems from their own woundology. If it is you who questions or worries about your relationship, then ask yourself the same question! It’s challenging to create a healthy relationship if you can’t trust your partner or vice versa.

A Matter of Trust – True Story

A client told me during a session that years ago; she lived with her first love, someone she thought she knew well. He seemed to love her very much. They lived together happily for five years. Apparently, her friends and colleagues knew he cheated on her many times with other women over this period. No one had the courage to tell her.

When she eventually did find out, she had feelings of betrayal to deal with on two levels her partners and her friends. This left her with trust and honesty baggage that she projected onto everyone. After the relationship ended abruptly, she collected her hankies off the floor and moved on. But she dragged the wound of betrayal behind her like a ball and chain for twenty-one years. She kept the hurt and pain of the experience deep inside, which affected her perception of love.

Mind Reading, The Games We Play in Love

If you find it challenging to communicate your feelings, your partner will find it just as difficult to communicate with you. This catch-22 situation always ends in frustration for both people. Then the habit of mind-reading can develop. Mind-reading games occur when someone claims they know what another is thinking without verification. So be honest, honest with yourself and with your partner.

If you play psychologically controlling games or have been on the receiving end of having them played on, ask yourself who your ideal partner is. If you find yourself attracted to someone who seems unobtainable or has an air of detachment that you find mysterious, be warned, this aloof behaviour can turn into a form of control within a relationship.

Journey Of Understanding Love

Let me take you on a journey of self-discovery through the four seasons of a relationship. Understanding Love MP3 will help you to truly understand yourself and why relationships you may have encountered have not worked. Let go of the emotional baggage holding you back from attracting your life’s ideal partner or couple will help you understand why things are not working out as you dreamed they would.  My Work is free to download; please donate what you will.

Understanding Love Free E-book


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