Why Keeping Hydrated Is So Important While Colon Cleansing

Why is drinking water important when colon cleansing?

Your body is made up of between 70% and 80% water so staying fully hydrated when you are doing a colon cleanse is important. Water is essential for regulating your body temperature, your metabolism, and for maintaining a healthy digestive system and colon. When doing a detox of any kind especially a herbal colon cleanse drinking plenty of water will help you to eliminate waste and toxins more easily.

In general, most people only drink one glass of water a day, if that. The rest of the water that the body need is extracted from the foods and other fluid taken. Without sufficient water, your body is not hydrated and this can result in the shutdown of many needed chemical reactions. If you happen to be doing a herbal colon cleanse dehydration is probably not a good idea!

Keeping Hydrated While Colon Cleansing

Keeping Hydrated When Colon Cleansing is Very Important

You can be dehydrated and not even know. This is because you go past the point of feeling thirsty and what happens then is this, your brain sends a text message to all the cells in your body saying hold onto fluid as we are in drought mode. Every cell then shuts down and holds onto fluid. This causes fluid retention, followed by toxins building up in the body. This can happen with just one percent fluid loss, and you don’t even feel thirsty. This is not good if you are doing an herbal colon cleanse, especially if it contains psyllium as psyllium expands in the stomach and if you are not hydrated can cause you to feel very bloated. So best to drink as much water as you can during an herbal colon cleanse.

Herbal colon cleansing and flushing out toxins

Drink plenty of water and stay away from sugary drinks or soda that has artificial sweeteners in it. Just drinking water your body will let go of the fluid it is holding onto and flush out the toxins.

Unfortunately, most people are unaware that simply being dehydrated causes fluid retention, so they take the path of medication when the answer is to drink more water, which will release the fluid build-up, it’s not rocket science. If your body thinks there is a drought it will hold onto the water!

It does not take much fluid shortage build-up to disturb your biochemistry. Hydrating with water is important when doing any herbal colon cleaning detox.

Ways we lose water from our bodies

Do you travel by air? If so you may not realize this but you can lose as much as a liter of water in a four-hour flight. Water loss can also be through:

  • Feeling Stressed
  • Drinking Alcohol
  • Too Much Caffeine

All these rolled into one and you are going to create a small but critical shrinkage of the brain. Producing the effects of:

  • Weak Muscles
  • Low Concentration,
  • Slower Brain Functions

How water (fluid) is lost through simple living

  • Two cups of water every day just through breathing.
  • Two cups of water through perspiration
  • Six cups through your bladder and bowel movements.

That totals ten cups of water per day and that does not count perspiration from normal exercise, dry air conditions, alcohol consumption, or drinks containing caffeine. The average adult needs at the very minimum eight glasses or two of its fluid per day, more during hot weather and physical activity. You can do this by way of herbal teas, fruit teas, and water. Always drink water throughout the day.

We strongly recommend that whilst doing one of our organic herbal colons cleanses you make sure you drink plenty of fluids. If you have any questions relating to our herbal colon cleanses or parasite cleanses please contact us

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